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Escape from Deadly Night

Escape from Deadly Night

By: 晴岚制作组

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————The gift given by fate has already marked the price in secret. Even if you get a perfect clearance result in the end, can you really agree that you are the final winner? !

【game introduction】

The player plays a college boy who has just broken up with his lover. In the conflict between emotion and reality, he experiences threats of rivals, disappearance of his ex, Christmas Eve carnival, strange visits... Behind seemingly unrelated events, there is a bloody truth hidden. Different choices and explorations in the game will lead the plot to different directions.

[Game Background]

"Fleeing Deadly Night" is a suspense-type decryption game jointly developed by the well-known United Nations magazines "Reference" and "Reference World". It is adapted from the reasoning author [Teng Teng Ma] and won the "Chinese Reasoning Grand Prix Third Prize" Excellent work.

[More attention]

Qinglan Production Team Weibo:

"Reference" Magazine Weibo: Time Reasoning

Escape from Deadly Night
Hossam Galal

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