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Bomb Hall

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"Boom Boom Hall" is a casual and competitive mobile game with a bomber man game. While inheriting the classic gameplay of the terminal game "Bubble Hall", such as turning darts, unlimited bubbles, half-length walking, and ladder ranking, it also adds darts and protection. Pins, banana peels, springs, Wushuang shields, time bombs and other interesting tools make the gameplay more abundant.

Here, players can not only incarnate classic childhood images such as Astro Boy and Street Fighter, but also a variety of classic maps for players to choose from, such as snow mazes, mysterious islands, steel factories, and crazy playgrounds. Not only can you go through levels and take risks personally, but you can also achieve fierce battles across servers. You can also get a variety of appearances, cultivate cute pet mounts, and sprout the second dimension with your pets.

Bomb Hall
Hossam Galal

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