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Kendo at ease

Kendo at ease

By: 霏凡工作室

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The classic 3D martial arts ARPG mobile game-"Swordsmanship" has arrived, carrying the heart of chivalry and inheriting the ambition of serving the country. Or break through the levels with your own power, or call your friends and partners to work together to overcome the magic grave. There are even more heavenly riding pets, ancient magic blades, and mysterious fairy children to accompany you through the bloody rivers and lakes. Repair and inherit ancient treasures, inherit powerful martial arts, and experience more bloody battles. Battlefield competition, unlimited passion, fight for BOSS, bloodthirsty to win the championship. Various gameplays emerge in endlessly, re-experiencing the classics that you can't put down. Here, you can one person, one sword, chic in the arena, and you can also build gangs to unify the martial arts. These, you can make your own choice, let us join hands to step into the martial arts, fighting the sword on the top of the rivers and lakes.

Kendo at ease
Hossam Galal

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