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The real RTS mobile game reignites the classic real-time strategy confrontation!

"Battle of the Market" is a magical war mobile game created by the gold medal team of NetEase Fantasy Westward Journey. The game draws on the real-time strategy gameplay of classic RTS games and integrates SLG tactical strategies, hoping to create a real real-time strategy mobile game.

You will play the role of an epic hero, commanding the 48 population of 3 large formations, coordinating technology and building development, using the global strategic spells dropped on the battlefield, and engaging in fair competition PVP confrontation or PVE battle experience. The classic reproduces the gameplay of heroes, arms, technology, population, stealing homes, and walking A.

[Game Features]

10 minutes to reignite the strategy + operation classic confrontation

·5 minutes to get started, 10 minutes to play. Reproduce the classic computer real-time strategy game, relive the strategy brain burn + precision control passion.

Command the Hero Corps, 2 big factions, 4 big races, 20 types of arms

·The two camps of Chaos and Order, the four major races of humans, wild beasts, elves and elemental heroes, and 20 types of troops such as wind archer, pyrotechnician, and hunter are available for you to deploy the commander, form a tactical restraint corps for you, and contend for the dominance of the battlefield!

Heroes multi-soldier control 3 formations, 48 populations, fine exercises, set fire and go A

·Accurately control where to fight with the 3 large formations, freely select 3 heroes and 48 population units, reproduce classic operations such as coquettish walk A, gather fire, divide troops, and interpret super-sweet micro-manipulation.

Variety of strategies and tactics, rioters, raids, home stealing, seizure, restraint game

· Heroes and arms are freely matched and restrained, population with limited scientific and technological resources, infinite tactics and strategies, surprise victory or violent crushing, division of guerrillas or frontal combat, brainpower and IQ crushing!

Hossam Galal

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