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Jedi Sand City

Jedi Sand City

By: UpGames

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"Jedi Sand City" is an RPG survival and confrontation mobile game. In this game, players need to collect various resources on the game map and fight against other players in a shrinking safe area to survive to the end.

Background setting

The "Old King" has left the Ark World, the heavens and the earth have faded and everything is withered, and the beasts are rampant on the mainland. And the "Almighty Orb" representing the power of the king was left behind, waiting for the next successor.

The "Almighty Orb" has the ability to fulfill all wishes. It attracts heroes and powerful creatures from different worlds to this dying Ark world...

Gameplay setting

Heroes are coming

Lou Chuan

The hero enters the world of the Ark by taking the "floor ship", but the route is completely determined by the "omnipotent orb". The hero needs to choose a suitable place to land, and then take the iron-winged eagle to leave the ship.

Iron Winged Buzzard

Riding the iron-winged eagle can observe the ground situation closer at low altitude, and pay attention to the distribution of important treasure points and beasts.

The hero jumped out of the iron-winged eagle and fell on the ground of the Ark World.

Hero evolution

Equipment scattered around

The Ark World was originally an infinite country where spells and technology coexisted. The departure of the "king" made old artifacts like stones abandoned everywhere.

Some useful things can always be found in the ruins, allowing these unarmed heroes to increase their combat effectiveness.

Rampant monster

Beasts run wild on the continent, and will attack all creatures that dare to approach them.

However, the body of Warcraft also stores the precious flame of the king under the nourishment of the "Almighty Orb".

King's Flame

The wandering warcraft and the heroes who arrived in the "different world" were more or less assigned to the flame of the king from the "omnipotent orb".

Enough the flame of the king can evolve the hero's own special skills, such as swinging a giant axe to release a devastating wind, and the earth burned by the magic flame will burn forever.

The world in collapse

The world of Ark is facing destruction, and new heroes are needed to continue the power of the king and make the world reborn;

The "chaos" of destruction will gradually devour the entire Ark world from the edge of the world, including the heroes in it;

The last king

Before the Ark World completely collapses, obtaining the only recognized powerhouse or the only recognized team of the Magnum Orb can prevent the Ark World from collapsing and realize all their possible wishes.

Jedi Sand City
Hossam Galal

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