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Adventure and construction

Adventure and construction

By: 天耀互动(Fluorite Game)

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When you are adventuring in a role-playing game, have you ever wondered how the city in the fantasy world works? When you return to the city to supply supplies, where does the weapon that the blacksmith sells you from? If it is really unfortunate that an arrow is hit in the knee, how will the people who stay in the city live?

"Adventure and Construction" is a simulated business game based on the construction of the city in the fantasy RPG game as the adventurer's rest, supply and trading.

The needs of adventurers are varied, and it is not easy to satisfy them all. But if you happen to be good at this, then as the city's reputation among adventurers gets higher and higher, there will be more outstanding adventurers coming here. If you like, you can invite them to stay in the city to form your own adventure team.

Adventurers have different races, occupations and combat characteristics, and they need to be reasonably combined to be able to exert greater combat effectiveness. Plan your team composition carefully to make everyone in the team indispensable.

Beginners always think that the most important thing in adventure is a sharp edge, and a smarter person will understand that supplementing armor is equally important. But real veterans know that sometimes a torch, a rope, or a piton is the key to survival. Efforts to develop the city can prepare the necessary adventure props for your team.

The spoils brought back from wild adventures and dangerous dungeons are an indispensable resource for urban development. Work hard to explore this continent and make your city the most dazzling one!

Adventure and construction
Hossam Galal

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