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Flesh Knights

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This is an extraordinary mobile game of Three Kingdoms Horse War (shock)! You can experience brand-new gameplay in the game: unique passionate horse warfare, unstoppable QTE burst screen throwing big move, "competitive horse racing" and many epic heroes fighting! This is more than that, the war horses that entertained to death blended, the brains burst, the CP combined showed passion, and the BOSS...More surprises, looking forward to your own discovery!

A battle of great horses and horses, it will start immediately after a shock!

Game highlights:

■ Unique and passionate Ma Zhen (battle) gameplay

■ There is no peeing point throughout the story of the Three Kingdoms

■ The thrill of fighting with dazzling skills and bursting screens, leaving marks on knives and knives

■ Wrong head double fly, stallion shed its skin

■ War horse parkour, competing with each other

■ QTE blasts the screen and throws big moves to reverse the situation

■ CP Fusion Boss

■ Epic heroes and passionate chaos

Flesh Knights
Hossam Galal

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