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After the chef madness

After the chef madness

By: 冰狐游戏

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A woman of the same name authorized by the only genuinely authorized by Romance Crossing Novels is coming to the gourmet mobile game "Master Chef Madness"! With immersive romantic scenes, absolutely beautiful character depictions, gorgeous and shocking CV lineup, ups and downs of heart-wrenching plots, and spiritual dishes of Bazhen Yushi, it can be described as invincible and endless joy! Let you have a heart-warming and sweet first love experience while enjoying delicious food. Hurry up and enter this witty and delicious ancient world!

Game features:

[The plot is highly restored, returning to the original heart of the fan]

The game design focuses on restoring the plot, grasping the core memory points and content of the original, and enriching the extra-side plot and gameplay based on it, allowing players to experience the novel and exciting multiple feelings while returning to the heartbeat of memory.

When the player wakes up from Beiyan Continent and realizes his identity, the story begins.

[My boyfriend is overbearing, straightforward and earthy? 】

Every story encounters a love affair, and every unlock adds a sincere heart. Are you cold and arrogant, or domineering and willful, are you gentle and caring, or are you lazy and free and easy? ...No longer envy others who have the master of the fish pond, break through your exclusive boyfriend, and feel him with a different personality and bright emotions. Unlock the local love words that are only for you, get your domineering love date only, and immerse yourself in the first experience of love!

[How can my child be so cute & private diary]

All I heard in my memory were parents talking about other children's children, not only smart and good grades, but also considerate little padded jacket. Now that you who have passed through Xi as a mother, you also have a lively and lovely little prince Ye'er. The big eyes and soft voice can not only accompany and play, but also check the private diary of the little prince to keep abreast of his yin and sunny heart. Naughty Xiao Ye'er, there are many things you don't know~

[Another identity for foodies! It’s a top-notch chef]

It is fat but not greasy and has a slightly sweet taste. It is a braised pork that is soft and melts in the mouth; it is soft and hard and has a pleasant aroma. It is a delicious golden egg fried rice; the meat is tender and delicious, and it is a crystal with a thin skin and a lot of stuffing. Winter melon dumplings! Here, combined with the unique characteristics of food, players can not only cook first-class dishes that satisfy their taste buds, but also get unexpected rewards. It is simply a gathering place for foodies, a gourmet paradise in the world~

[The well-known voice actor team creates a VIP feast at the ear]

The game is recorded by well-known and popular voice actors Fengming, Qianben, Zixi, This Bowl of Fish, Suan Chuhan, etc. Each voice actor uses his own unique voice to show the distinctive characteristics of the characters, allowing players to immerse themselves in the VIP experience of a feast. In, listen to the whisper in his ear, and enjoy the heart story that only belongs to you and him.

Player exchange group: 854735941

Official blog of "Master Chef Madness Queen":

After the chef madness
Hossam Galal

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