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Izer Samsara

Izer Samsara

By: HuiyinStudio

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Eze is trapped in an endless cycle of death, and the only way to break this cycle is to break the curse on him. This curse that has always been with him can sometimes pull him, but sometimes, it will make him doom again and again. Let us help Eze to change his fate against the sky! In the ever-changing dangerous world around, every step can be successful or fail. Collect a variety of different items and weapons, learn different skills, combine powerful combo, choose a way you like, and start your adventure!

"Isawa Reincarnation" contains:

1` Many monsters with different styles, and each monster has its own unique attack method;

2` During the journey, you may encounter various random challenges, rooms full of traps, and unknown puzzles;

3` Various weapons, skills, and props can be combined into a powerful combo;

4` Everyone can have their own unique way of customs clearance

Izer Samsara
Hossam Galal

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