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Not a Fairy Tale

Not a Fairy Tale

By: 娱公互动

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An unexpected journey of fantasy fairy tales. When the body embarks on a wandering road, can fairy tales become the North Star to guide lonely souls?

"It's Not a Fairy Tale" is a 2D turn-based card game with a fairy tale theme. You will be the great magician who strayed into the "fairy tale world" in the magic book, and explore the secrets of this world together with the entourage "Green".

During the journey, you will meet familiar fairy tale characters such as "Cinderella" and "Peter Pan" and witness their intertwined fate; you can also personally fight against villains such as vicious stepmothers and mysterious witches. , Become a real heroic knight; even meet the "Andersen" who has become a bard, and write a fairy tale of your own...

Great magician, come and light up this fairytale dream full of "freshness" and the unknown.

>>Game Features

-Unique painting style to interpret fantasy fairy tales

The eye-catching cartoon style carefully draws dozens of peculiar and dreamy fairy tale scenes and nearly a hundred well-known fairy tale characters to create an immersive game experience, making you feel as if you are in a real fairy tale world. Here, the princess and the prince are no longer the absolute protagonists, each character has its own sad and happy destiny.

-Boldly subvert, the ancient fairy tale is rewritten by you

Actors composed of fairy tale characters are already in place, and a three-dimensional story book dedicated to Cinderella, Snow White, Alice and other characters is waiting for you: Is there another side behind the characters that is not known? In fact, there are more possibilities for the development of a familiar story? ……You will make a choice at every important juncture in place of the protagonist, change everyone's destiny, and bring new colors to the ancient fairy tales.

-Never repeat a journey to explore the secret realm

Dreamland, Quicksand Sea, Hanging City, Shadow Dungeon... Together with the Wizard of Oz group of four, explore in different Roguelike secrets, encounter a variety of incidents, and make different choices. Is it to store treasures and overcome difficulties all the way, or to be ambushed and exit with regret? Everything is under your control!

-Innovative combat system to challenge strategic minds

Sign a contract with the fairy tale characters and direct them to fight the enemy. Aiming at different enemies, cleverly arrange strategies, use attribute restraint and skills to break the shield, win pursuit opportunities, remove all enemy shields continuously, release special tricks to quickly defeat the enemy, and continue to enjoy the thrill of victory!

-Act as a magic craftsman and create unique accessories

Experience the daily life of a magic craftsman, starting from the collection of materials and blueprint planning, let the carved gold jewelry gradually take shape in your dexterous hands, and you will never be able to imagine the exquisite details of the finished product until the last moment. Create a special accessory that belongs to you, and witness the birth of the miracle for yourself!

-Explore the chaos of time and space and protect the power of light

The super mystery "Chaotic Time and Space" landed, in the twisted time and space full of unknown accidents, explored based on memory and reasoning, and gradually took a peek at the full picture of the area covered by the mist, and found the final way out and treasure. In the confrontation between light and darkness, you are the number one participant.

-A fairy tale character turns into a hero and accompanies you to fight

Excellent painters ingeniously draw a large number of classic fairy tale characters, tailor-made personal stories and skills, fantasy journeys accompany you all the way to fight. This time, they are no longer the protagonists of traditional masked stories, and even ordinary characters have their own emotions, and every moment of the journey is full of "accidents"!

-Awakening plan, put on new clothes for tacit partners

The heroes who fought side by side all the way, after continuous training and improvement, will also usher in their own moments of awakening. Not only will their abilities be greatly improved, they will also receive brand-new fateful equipment and skin appearances, and the sense of security and freshness during the adventure. Double!

Not a Fairy Tale
Hossam Galal

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