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Ink pan

Ink pan

By: 推敲社

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Ink painting x brain burning x cute things, warm in winter on sale~

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"Ink Pan" is a novel and interesting Buddhist brain-burning game (actually a nurturing game).

You can solve the ink dot puzzles on the water, advance the main chapters, open the dusty album, accept the endless speed pass challenge, collect more ink dots, and "feed" a little creature in the world in the painting-Xiaomo.

This little guy who seems to be made of ink will always accompany you, nagging some non-marginal but useful reminders, reaching out to help you when you are stuck, showing your talents for you, splashing ink for you, if Eat, drink, and be in a good mood, and draw a brand new ink painting scroll for you.

As you interact with Xiaomo, the world in the painting will gradually unfold: Xiaomo's studio, Xiaomo's meticulously organized albums, and unexpectedly discovered speed pass challenges-all will be open to you generously!

【story background】

I received a small black note from the little creature in the world in the painting!

"Ink dots are in short supply, come quickly, paid.

——Little Mo"

…Although the tone is strange, but it looks like something is in trouble?

What is the reward is a bit curious?

You stared at the black fingerprints on the last line of the note, lost in thought...

If you want to figure out what's going on, you might as well look at the situation.

[Game Features]

-Brain-hole gameplay and mechanics, how can you know that you are actually good at it without trying?

-The minimalist operation of the vertical screen with one-finger tapping, you can play easily!

-Featured main line + endless challenges, but Buddha can be hardcore!

-The studio? Album? Speed pass? …New gameplay, new content, new levels, unlocked non-stop!

-Lively ink and wash style, the world in the painting and the wonderful story of Xiaomo!


-Tencent GAD Game Innovation Competition

Gold Award + Best Creative Award

-China Young Generation Game Creative Competition

Best Game Design Innovation Award

Ink pan
Hossam Galal

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