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Gadel Contract

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"Gadel Contract" is a refreshing Western magic theme card development battle mobile game. The story is based on the confrontation between the ideas and concepts of human magicians and god observers, creating a fusion of magic and technological development. world. Players play the role of a magician with a mysterious bloodline in the game and possess the magic that can summon demons. Players can freely explore the truth hidden in the adventure journey, be the protagonist of their own "world", through partner training, courage trials, and foreign enemies Invasion, secret exploration and other ways to continuously improve their own strength, and millions of players embark on a magical journey of salvation to resist alien invasion and protect human freedom~

[Micro-operations battle, leisure development]

Simple operation, drag and drop to enter the battle; built-in automatic battle options, you can play anytime, anywhere; offline income one-click receipt, rune equipment, resources all come to the bowl

[15V15 real-time combat]

15V15 real-time battle, summoning flow, resurrection flow, consumption flow, a variety of lineups and genres are free to match, full of routines, multiple play methods, the game world is never monotonous.

[Open main storyline]

Human cities and temples, high-tech academies and magical worlds, fishing villages and deserts, deep-sea cities and void gates, with huge contrasting scenes and settings, the new magical epic expedition is opened by you; password type, broken formation, forked road, Mysterious level, mystery formation, and multiple level types, giving you an immersive plot exploration experience

[100 people fighting on the same screen]

High-degree-of-freedom fog forest exploration, super-large free competitive gameplay, 100-player melee on the same screen, numerous resource bags, treasure chests, in-game props, and BOSS waiting for you to experience, fair competition, more skill, and the time to test the player's control!

[Foreign enemies invade the world BOSS]

A large wave of foreign enemies are coming surging forward. Bring your friends to fight against foreign enemies and protect your homeland. But there are days outside the sky, the boss is always endless, after being careful of foreign enemies, there are more mysterious BOSS waiting for you to become stronger in the future.

[Artifact Armed]

Once an extremely powerful artifact, because the battle of the gods is scattered among the various relics. Through continuous exploration, the contractor has the opportunity to reproduce the power of the artifact. The attribute value of the active release skill of the contractor equipped with the artifact will increase, or the attributes of the demon controlled by it will be enhanced when the battle begins. To make the battle more cool, in order to obtain a stronger combat power, the contractor must go all out.

[Super Demon Collection]

The magic partner comes from myths from all over the world, and embarks on an adventure with tens of thousands of years of mystery. It is not only your invincible weapon on the battlefield, but also a fun companion on your journey, with hundreds of monsters. Waiting for you to collect; demon breakthrough, demon awakening, demon evolution, equipment wear, exclusive rune multi-dimensional training, build your partner, and you will define the world.

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Gadel Contract
Hossam Galal

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