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Infinite Knight: Ashes

Infinite Knight: Ashes

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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-205, the twenty-eighth year of Osbury II-

In the battle between the Demon King's Army and the Nine Heroes of Mankind, all the nine heroes fell. In order to protect the human kingdom, the nine heroes turned themselves into nine gems at the last moment, using the sword in the sacred stone as an eye to seal the devil in the deep forest of Xiuslibe.

At the last moment when the devil was sealed, God unconsciously turned the remaining power into a seed, buried deep in the ashes of the battlefield. The war came to an end, mankind began to carry out post-disaster reconstruction, Huslibey ushered in a rare period of peace...


-right now-

-1203, the first year of Osbury XVIII-

One day, the scout reported that a beautiful and coquettish mandala flower grew out of the place where the devil was sealed. The young king immediately went to the deep forest of Huslibei to seal the place where the formation was. Seeing that weird flower, his brows frowned-the mandala flower grows amazingly, exuding a terrifying ashes. And the brilliance of the nine gems of the brave seems to be no longer bright, more and more dim...

At this moment, news of the devil coming from outside the city suddenly came. The kingdom that grew up in peace is about to face the attack of evil devil creatures. Can the young king lead the knight to break the devil's conspiracy and defend the kingdom?

Infinite Knight: Ashes
Hossam Galal

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