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Nanyanzhai transcript

Nanyanzhai transcript

By: 北京九天互动软件有限公司

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The game is still under development. Players who like the plot can first experience our other game "The Time of Time" which also has a huge plot and well-known CV

[Game Introduction]

Players will play the role of Lu Mansheng, the master of Nanyanzhai, looking for his own memory and solving the mystery of his life experience. Experience the joys and sorrows of life by solving various problems of people seeking help.

【story background】

Nanyanzhai is a spice shop located in the southwest of Huancheng. It is a special existence for Huancheng. The surface of the shop makes incense and sells incense, which is actually very mysterious and very mysterious. Although no one knows its origin and background, it never lacks attention, nor lacks rumors. Those who want it are rushed, those who are partial to listen to it, and all true and false are circulated in the market, these are the store owner Lu Mansheng must To bear. Speaking of Lu Mansheng. Everyone in the world says that Lu Mansheng in Nanyanzhai uses incense as a matchmaker to save people's hearts.

Others say that she is a monster.

Lu Mansheng doesn't care about the rumors, she just wants to solve the mystery that has been entangled in her body for many years. She doesn't remember the memory of a few moments, why? She was born with five senses more sensitive than ordinary people. Why? She will occasionally suffer from loss of soul, why? There are too many answers to find...

[Game Features] Ultra-long plot-a bizarre and thrilling story with a million words.

Unit mode-different characters have different needs, looking at every aspect of the world.

Multiple options and multiple endings-different options affect the final ending of each story, your story can only be written by yourself.

Collect elements-unlock character cards and discover more hidden truths...

Unique style of painting-using the fine brush + ink painting method, and strive to create a different world.

Nanyanzhai transcript
Hossam Galal

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