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I cut the thief!

I cut the thief!

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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Cut it all! Relying on your super high level of mechanics, you may be the next Newton!

What is mechanics? Even after nine years of compulsory education, I still don’t understand it. It’s okay. As long as you can slide the screen, you can feel the great power of (pseudo) mechanics, and the freedom of gameplay is maxxxxx to the extreme!

Use your hand and brain together, activate your brain, think about how to (pseudo) scientifically cut the gravity cube, collect all the stars and become a "scientific boss". This is a contest of brainpower and accuracy!

What's so interesting about such a scientific game?

1. Over 700 levels-a huge number of levels, each level has its own characteristics, you can't stop playing.

2. A lot of weird mechanics props, fans, floating cubes, box springs, etc., let you pass the level in unexpected ways.

3. In addition to ordinary levels, there are also difficult modes and daily challenges, more scores and levels for you to challenge.

4. Even if you use (pseudo) science, you can't get through. You might as well try to draw blindly, cut and shape randomly, maybe you will be hit by God and become a folk Newton!

5. The comfortable color matching of the fried chicken, the simple and color style, and the super comfortable playing experience will make you want to stop!

I cut the thief!
Hossam Galal

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