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Crazy Elimination

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Dear players, what we bring to you is a relaxing and relaxing small room, a small pond, but such a small space is full of all kinds of wonderful stories.

We can tell you this story, or you can tell us.

The protagonist of the game is a chubby little potato, living alone on an island in the middle of a beautiful forest pond. Outside the hut on the island, there is a small garden where you can plant various rare plants; the hut is well-equipped with facilities for small potatoes to rest, write diaries and daily life. When you are in a good mood, Little Tudou will carry a backpack and pack up to travel and explore the mysterious world.

[Game Features]

Good-looking and movable photos: very rare three-star photos with special light and shadow decoration

Small garden that can be planted: a variety of seeds, beautiful succulents, rich travel rewards

 Secret treasures with deciphering colors: each kind of secret treasure may have different opening methods

Various travel combinations: a variety of combinations of lunch + luggage + map + treasures, making travel simple and rich

Rich interactive elements of the scene: photo frames that can replace photos, rich interactive elements, etc.

【Coming soon】

The repairman is already repairing the broken radio, and it should be ready for use soon. You may be able to hear the voices of other little potato owners from the radio in the future

More plant styles

More areas you can go to

Attic design and decoration started

Map synthesis system

Raffle system

More beautiful photos

Crazy Elimination
Hossam Galal

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