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Land of Falling Dust

Land of Falling Dust

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"Land of Dust" is a strategic war chess game with the color of Rogue Like. Players need to command a battle team composed of "domain spirits", cooperate with each other, face the threat of "confusion" in the world of falling dust, and complete the connection of consciousness. Finally, the fog of the Falling Dust World is pushed aside, and the door to a new world is opened.

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====================[Basic introduction]====================

The game refers to the core gameplay mode of "ITB", takes the protection of core objects as the starting point, and refines several major elements in the classic gameplay of war chess. In just a few rounds, through various means such as moving, blocking, and using environmental events, the conditions for passing the customs were reached.

Reasonably match mechanism skills and assign member ability points. The route selection in the challenge process and the details of each step of the strategy will produce completely different results for the adventure. I very much look forward to the players can dig out more creative gameplay combinations in the game, and jointly improve the game content.

Game publishing platforms include mobile phones, PCs, and major host platforms. Currently, 40% of the function development has been completed. And prioritize EA (Early Access) testing on Steam. I believe that as the content of the game continues to improve, it will soon be able to meet the majority of players on other platforms.

====================[Game Features]====================

★ Core gameplay of war chess + puzzle-solving round experience. The combination of multiple elements of terrain, position, and skills makes the situation ever-changing.

★ 3D scenes + 2D hand-painted characters. Have independent character, gameplay mechanism and plot story.

★ A completely random game map, accompanied by a constantly accumulating, updating and evolving map mechanism. The challenges are endless.

★ Each group is close to 50 independent skill sets, matched with their respective squad tactics, to create a unique fighting style.

★ Unpredictable random events, Rogue Like+ weekly plot experience, each time seems to be repeated but different.

Land of Falling Dust
Hossam Galal

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