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I am a navigator

I am a navigator

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"I'm a Voyager" is in a tense and exciting development stage. This is a stand-alone game with navigation as its theme. It tries its best to restore the magnificent era of great navigation.

[Seamless map: real world navigation]

With changes in weather, the ups and downs of waves, the random appearance of whirlpools and tornadoes in the ocean, U3D will bring a more realistic sailing experience. Players need to deal with the special conditions encountered during the voyage such as malnutrition, sepsis, homesickness, fire, and rat infestation.

【Global Trade: Free Trade in 180 Ports to Build a Maritime Business Empire】

There are 180 ports around the world for players to trade freely. It can also invest in ports and develop ports, and investment will bring more inventory and new commodities.

[Legend side by side: writing a new era of great navigation]

How can sailing on the sea without partners! Columbus, Edward Titch, Jack, and many legendary celebrities of the great nautical era are waiting for players to recruit, and the right position will allow partners to play a greater role.

[Seven Seas Rule the Roost: Obtaining Historical Ships to Build the Strongest Fleet]

Legendary ships such as Victory, Maritime Sovereign and Saint *** are available for players to obtain, and they can also be transformed to build the strongest fleet.

[Explore the world: a thrilling treasure hunt]

Historical relics, deep sea sunken ships. Step across seven seas and seek unknown things on the other side of the sea, hidden treasures, treasures, and ancient civilizations. The world is so big, there are many ruins and treasures waiting for players to explore, including the legend of the overlord.

I am a navigator
Hossam Galal

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