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Shield Knight (beta)

Shield Knight (beta)


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A knight is the incarnation of a hero, and the duty of a knight is to protect, even at the expense of his own life. Let us fight for glory! !

"Shield Knight" is a casual, adventurous and action-type mobile game. Enter the game as a cute little knight, holding a shield and constantly moving forward, bravely rushing to the arrow tower, and defeating all the enemies on the tower. There will be various hidden organs in the game. Be careful to avoid them. There are a lot of level challenges and thrills. You can also build your own castle and get more resources. This simple and easy-to-use little game can put you at your fingertips. Feel the unique charm in touch.

Game features

1. An ultra-simple action-adventure game, the operation can be completed with a finger click, allowing you to experience the fun of the game anytime, anywhere

2. Super cute and cool skin, domineering weapon skin, waiting for you to unlock, become the brightest boy.

3. Thrilling and exciting gameplay, hidden weapon hidden in mystery, hand-speed reaction to challenge the limit.

Shield Knight (beta)
Hossam Galal

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