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Harbingers: Infinity War

Harbingers: Infinity War

By: 万达院线游戏

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A world facing collapse, a crazy and magical plan....

When the weapon loses its effect, the zombies sweep through the human world... A mysterious organization with a human-shaped weapon called "Herald" preserves the last place for humans to live....

Heralds with heroic personalities possess powers beyond common perception and have the power to kill zombies like never before! Only the Heralds can wipe out the zombies once and for all!

Gather the heroes, great men, and even...gods who have appeared in the history of mankind! Together, we'll resist the end of days!!!! And...deep behind the conspiracies and enemies....


--Two-player team-up strategy play, efficient brush copy and smooth BOSS battle!

Say goodbye to the pitfall of multi-player teams, match up with a reliable partner to walk together, and never leave each other on the way to the end of the war.

---Random attributes of equipment, civilians can also attack the rich handsome!

A variety of attributes of the same equipment with different characteristics, you can pick the equipment for each unique partner dedicated to TA; say goodbye to boring equipment changes and maddening repetitive operations, easy operation of hair care liver!

---New battle gameplay, multi-team strategy training

Energy + ammunition, two-line combat strategy to play a variety of combinations.

--All heroes unlocked, thousands of astrolabe development

A collection of heroes that transcend generations, free to mix and match without recruiting; personalized starboard training, so that your partner is no longer one of a thousand!

---All characters must be loaded, turning the battle around in seconds.

Cool special effects, powerful must-kill; how do you match the lineup? When will you release the big move? Use your commanding skills and you'll turn the tide in an instant!

Harbingers: Infinity War
Hossam Galal

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