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Raging war

Raging war

By: 烈火工作室

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"Fire Fighting" is a Japanese-style strategic placement card mobile game. The game uses a placement RPG + real-time strategy battle mode. The six camps restrain each other, hundreds of skills are in real-time fighting, and the initial 34 heroes are the first to appear. You can mix and match randomly to create an unexpected battle group! Putting on the phone is easy and not tiring, strategy battles are hard-core brain-burning, combined with the golden age of retro painting style, the hero group portrait is vividly portrayed, five continents are surging, and the magnificent journey of restoring the country begins!

[Retro style of the golden age]

Perfectly reproduce the classic pictures of the golden age, with high-definition, delicate, hard-line, and smooth lines to bring the ultimate comfort to the pores! The visual impact of dazzling and retro, the double immersion of novelty and memory, Panilla, is worth fighting!

[Infinitely possible strategic elements]

Initially 34 heroes appeared one after another, 6 camps restrained each other, 5 grid positions were arranged at will, more than a hundred kinds of skill matching combinations, compiled your own battle group, the ultimate strategy burns your brain, and the smooth battle satisfies your needs. Desire, the fight between sword and magic, this is your world!

[Buddha family nursing care]

Heroes explode and work 24 hours a day, taking risks, fighting, and doing commissions. All the heroes you can think of are capable and automatic! Do you want to give yourself a vacation, even if it is only one minute? Don't be afraid, your liver is guarded by the heroes of Panilla!

[Wonderful and progressive gameplay]

Following the progressive strategic challenges of the plot, you will embark on a journey of restoring the country across five continents; an arena with endless fighting fun, a strategic layout that refuses to win with krypton gold; fair rewards refuse the gap between the rich and the poor; balanced scores Segment mechanism + multi-point protection refuses to maliciously brush points, Panilla, carefully pave the way for you to become the king!

[Customer service operation that flirts at will]

Sincerely thank you for playing our game, and hope our game will bring you more fun. If you like our game, you are welcome to leave a message, comment, contact, molesting, etc. to our customer service in the game at any time. We will sincerely listen to your opinions. Thank you again for playing our game, Panilla is even more exciting because of you!

Raging war
Hossam Galal

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