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Happy Childhood Peace Town

Happy Childhood Peace Town

By: 有神游戏

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"Happy Childhood: Peaceful Town" is a light competitive mobile game produced by God Game, focusing on joy.

In the vast universe, there is such a peaceful planet.

More than 90% of the planet's surface is covered by the ocean. The small land area is surrounded by water, and most of it has a warm climate and rich products.

Living here is a group of carefree people who are simple, kind and friendly, but at the same time very leisurely.

People, you have to do something when you are too idle. So, someone proposed to hold a [Bubble Contest], and those who win can get rich rewards...

[Game Features]:

#Cute and charming, blast the audience

There is a dinosaur sister who loves tossing-noisy, there is a frog prince who likes to be quiet-quack, there is a little loli controlled by a cat-Mi Pas, and there is a big sage descendant-little Wukong who pops out of the crevices of the rock. .....

We don’t sell skins, only cuties, each one has its own most special place!

# Exquisite bubble, ingenuity

Sakura bubbles are very suitable for girls' hearts, water polo bubbles make people feel so cool, rainbow bubbles are gorgeous, dark bubbles are unpredictable, flame bubbles are suitable for skewers...

We just want to make different bubbles to be worthy of the bubble elves with personality!

#百变MAP, full of fun

The most central desert on Bubble Planet, the highest and coldest Bianchuan, the ordinary neighborhoods that can’t be more ordinary, the pirate ships of unknown origin... have all become places where Bubble Elves compete.

We are still exploring more places in Bubble Planet, and there are still many unknown areas!

#超萌 Showdown, subvert the imagination

2v2, 3v3, chaos, ranking, simple and easy to use, a game of 3 minutes, whether it is on the way to work, a short lunch break, or a weekend home, you can pick up your mobile phone and start playing immediately and gain a few minutes of happiness.

We are still developing more interesting new gameplay, so stay tuned!

#Friends open black, love and kill each other

Face-to-face hacking, team up quickly, and you can come to a game anytime, anywhere, break the embarrassment, and resolve boredom. It should be noted that a bomb will not destroy your teammates and become your opponent.

The game is in the optimization stage. Welcome everyone to discuss with us. What kind of game do you want?

Happy Childhood Peace Town
Hossam Galal

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