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Brave Haak

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Blingame's newest action platform independent game from Coca-Cola Game Studio, adventure in the apocalyptic ruined world of "Brave Hack"! Players need to continue to explore in the desolate future wasteland, and at the same time fight wits and courage with the mysterious organization that has been entrenched for a long time, solve layers of puzzles, and embrace the ultimate secret of this world.

"Action Adventure" × "Apocalyptic Background" × "Meta Element"

Become the "Three Rivers God" on the last pure land of the earth! !


"Brave Hack" will be tested from time to time. Everyone is welcome to join our official Q group 906807636. The group password is "Brave Hack". Players in the official Q group will be given priority to qualify for the test~


· Gameplay

"Brave Hack" is a 2D-like Metroid Castlevania game. On the basis of the traditional horizontal jumping game, we have added a wealth of puzzle-solving content and original hacker elements. It not only requires players to have superb operating skills, but also requires players to be able to open their minds and solve various well-designed puzzles.

· Art style

The style and positioning of "Brave Hack" is closer to the apocalyptic wasteland world. The retro style, dark tones and desolate ruins background are closely integrated with the game's story background, leading players to experience the desolation of survival in the apocalypse.

· Worldview

The game takes place in a demographic crisis and a series of disasters that eventually led to the collapse of civilization. The once prosperous city was reduced to a wasteland, and the surviving humans struggled to survive in the cruel post-disaster world. A southern coastal area called Sanhe, relying on its relatively closed geographical environment, fortunately avoided most of the conflicts and nuisances and gradually developed, becoming a beacon on the wasteland. The protagonist Haak, a traveler from a small settlement in the north, chooses to leave those small settlements that may die at any time and decides to go to the south to find new hope for survival.


Game features

·A different Galaxy City game

We also love the non-linear exploration of Galaxy City and the feeling of unlocking new areas with skills. We will not deliberately avoid it because others are doing the same type as us. We believe that the developers of Hollow Knight did not think so, so be us Just do what you want, and we will do it differently from them.

·Rhythmic combat

We are determined not to play games that make your fingers sore. Flexible positioning and subtle timing of moves are the rhythms we want to present.

·Unique weapons and skills

The main weapon of "Haak" is a multi-functional energy hook that integrates attack and environment interaction, combined with the hacker skills acquired by the protagonist later, so as to combine various different gameplays. We ensure that players can get a unique game in "HAAK" Experience.

·A dark and mysterious world that can be explored

Even if it is not particularly large, but in the world of "HAAK", every place spent a lot of time to decorate random and organic scenery by hand. What you see will not be a monotonous brick world, but a A cinematic world with a unique visual style.

·Reliable animation and feel

We also spent a lot of time polishing animation and feel. Feel is the soul of an action game, and we dare not neglect it at all.

·Spur line and degree of completion

We ensure that most players can have fun in the main missions. At the same time, we have also prepared deep and difficult side challenges for those who like to explore. This is a world with many secrets and easter eggs hidden. You are ready to challenge. Is it 100% complete?

Brave Haak
Hossam Galal

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