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In the name of a fairy

In the name of a fairy

By: 寻仙工程

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[Game Features]

1. Interactive plot experience, feel the "temperature" of cultivation;

2. You can learn multiple exercises, each with unique effects, rotation of moves, and matching of strategies;

3. Roguelike's copy gameplay, decision-making to win, each game will have a different experience;

4. You can create a unique technique, named by the creator, and spread it to future generations after attaining the Tao and becoming an immortal;

5. Collect all kinds of well-known magic weapons of ancient gods for my use, such as the diamond bracelet of the Taishang Laojun, the exquisite pagoda of the Tota Heavenly King;

6. Establish an immortal bond with fellow daoists, trigger fetters, and overcome difficulties together.

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"In the Name of Immortal" is the first idle game we developed. We will carefully consider every detail. We will listen to your suggestions and effective feedback to the version. We will work hard to make "In the Name of Immortal" "Become more and more perfect.

Sincerely look forward to your attention, support and messages!

In the name of a fairy
Hossam Galal

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