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By: Jason Roberts

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From each pleasing painting, you can see the design of the whimsical ideas, elicit the thinking about the historical changes, the composition of the world and other complicated issues. It can be called the perfect combination of art, narration, and gameplay. It is a model of games as interactive art. .

——VGtime Yin Wei

The simple movement of the frame allows you to break through the limitations of time and space; the subtle concept makes you continue to marvel that it can be so.

-Luo Mingwei of the Bit Team

One person designed the work for seven years alone, and presented the art in a declassified manner. Perhaps, this is the real ninth art.

——Xu Mudian, producer of "Defense of Light and Shadow"

Gorogoa is a unique puzzle game. Its storyline is developed with exquisite hand-drawn illustrations designed and painted by Jason Roberts.

A mystery full of imagination

The plot designs of Gorogoa are all original. There are multiple detailed illustration grids in the game. Players can solve puzzles by moving and combining the illustration grids according to their own ideas. The operation is extremely simple, but the content is complicated and interesting.

Exquisite hand-painted game plot

Jason Roberts has carefully produced thousands of extremely detailed illustrations to form a very rich Gorogoa featured game


A new way of narrative

Gorogoa is not only a game, but also a work of art. It tells its story with emotional, glamorous illustrations and wonderfully conceived puzzle-solving mechanisms.

Hossam Galal

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