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Hakatai Urban Story

Hakatai Urban Story

By: 识君

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Simulation game, build your own city!

Let us build the once ideal city.

Aim at popular trends, withstand the pressure of competition from other cities, and get your city rankings to the top!

The steady increase of shops and houses will fill the city with residents, who will happily swing.

If too many bicycle shops are opened, residents are willing to move far away to buy a car.

The expansion of land and the provision of facilities will guide residents to participate.

We have built a city full of happy residents.

Compete with friends to create a better city!

In due course, let us cooperate in building a beautiful city!

The best time-killing game! ? Nice city planning simulation project

Now you will be immersed in the world of towns!

Uncover the mystery of the robot.


※The game data is saved in your terminal device. When you delete and install the app again, the data cannot be recovered.

※When the terminal model is changed, data can be transferred.

Hakatai Urban Story
Hossam Galal

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