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God Interpreter: X2

God Interpreter: X2

By: SIVA游戏制作委员会

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The beautiful and absurd adventure of the gods Roguelite RPG is here! This time, we will deconstruct the "big filter-the world of eclipse" together to welcome the dawn that belongs to us.

"The Interpreter of God" created by SIVA Studio, a new world view system, multi-angle POV narrative, fresh and vivid character creation, massive plots and CG performances!

—Game world view—

When human civilization reaches a certain height, it will trigger the "big filter"-coming in the form of an "eclipse", swallowing one old god age after another, forming an "eclipse world".

Civilization has risen again and again, and has been swallowed by "eclipses" and returned to zero again and again. And the prosperous modern civilization makes the world eclipse come once again. In the game, the protagonist played by the player will be the son of prophecy and will be selected by fate to establish a link with the godhead. With the development of the story, the protagonist will embark on a beautiful and absurd journey of spiritual relief together with all the gods who have met along the way.

The above is the line of sight of the protagonist played by the player.

The gods in the game have POV plots, and they may explain completely different stories.

★Multiple sources of gods and elements★

Huaxia, Egypt, Lianghe, Olympus... In the game, there are eight god-character characters from the origins of civilizations, and they each have their own settings and identities in this world.

From the flames that burned Babylon into the "starfall" state, and drifted for thousands of years to reach the present world, the goddess of Venus, Inana, the Egyptian god of storm, Seth, who became a genius young hacker, and Lily, who wandered the world for thousands of years with the breeze Silk...The combination of mythological elements and the current setting creates a group of gods that belong to the game world of "The Solver". And everything that shapes and promotes the greed and redemption, laughter and sorrow of these gods is the fiery core of "humanity" in their hearts.

★A random and refreshing Roguelite battle★

We have designed many characters with different operations and different combat strategies through the continuous improvement of the sense of strike and the optimization of the skill mechanism to ensure the fun of the battle. While adhering to the coolness and visual effects of the battle, the design and continuous optimization of Roguelite elements were carried out in the game. From the early "miracles" combination to achieve a variety of combat genres, to the late Uropoulos gameplay, players need to explore alchemy formulas, as well as a large number of mechanisms and eggs. What we want to provide is the coexistence of "freshness" and "strategy". You can repeatedly experience and in-depth study of the in-game combat gameplay.

Indulging in easter eggs may find another surprise.

—Other game features—

·Each dungeon has a unique theme and a complete set of visual design.

· Live2D interaction with all staff, delicately portraying the characteristics of each godhead.

·"Alchemy Workshop" provides the fun of simulation through nutrition.

· Hanazawa Coriander and other seiyuu starred in love.

This time, because of your existence, human civilization finally gave birth to new possibilities.

The beautiful world will survive because of you.

——SIVA Studio

God Interpreter: X2
Hossam Galal

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