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Deep Sea Aquarium World

Deep Sea Aquarium World


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◆Healing game chosen by 50 million people worldwide◆

The world's No. 1 healing game that rewrites the history of indie games, a brand-new masterpiece in the Deep Sea Aquarium series!

A healing game designed for modern people who are struggling with competition and under pressure, the Deep Sea Aquarium is re-launched with a new look!

◆The underwater world that can be expanded◆

In the latest version of the deep-sea aquarium world, you can watch the expansion of the wonderful underwater ecosystem.

Expand the surrounding areas with different characteristics through soft tones and wide horizontal screens!

Not only corals and seaweeds, but also special decorations can be used to create your own dream ocean world.

◆Let’s watch various marine life ◆

Manage well the communities that provide bubbles and cleanliness to create a clean and comfortable marine environment for the fish.

If you make your ocean beautiful and tidy, all kinds of fish friends will take the initiative to come and play!

The lovely fish friends will find all kinds of precious props for you when they are exploring!

◆ Enjoy the fun of the game with friends through SNS◆

After being added as a friend in the game, visit the underwater world of your friends!

You can also share the ocean world decorated by yourself with your friends.

◆Listen and see is the cure◆

Don't miss the opportunity to use the digital photo frame mode to watch the beautiful ocean decorated by yourself and the visiting fish friends!

The quiet and soft background music in the game will never lose any ASMR, which is very helpful for your rest and sleep.

A peaceful underwater world without competition or pressure-the world of deep sea aquariums!

Create your own space full of beautiful corals and many marine life!

So, are you ready to embark on a dream trip to the ocean world?

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Deep Sea Aquarium World
Hossam Galal

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