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Gluttony Battle

Gluttony Battle

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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Globally recommended on the App Store and Google Play homepage! A fun and innovative business simulation + RPG game!

With the attack of the Demon King, people were horrified to find that there was nothing delicious! There is nothing like the milk tea hot pot skewers barbecue! ! !

The evil demon confiscated all the delicious things in the world. Because there is no food, most people can only look at the cooking specimens in the museum to relieve their greed, and die in the museum one after another.

One day, a warrior was hungry and hallucinated, chasing a cup of flying milk tea that claimed to be the savior, and finally fainted in the forest. By chance, he was awakened by the smell of bread made by a mysterious cook. After tasting the delicious bread, he decided to run a food truck with the great chef named Jin, and promote the gourmet cuisine to more people during the journey. They firmly believe that they will be able to bring cooking to the world and become an existence that surpasses the Chinese masters!

Game features:

★ Simulated business + RPG game

Run your own food truck and sell food to everyone who loves cooking!

Manage income, hire chefs, upgrade heroes, invest in villages, and maximize your income!

Keep upgrading, decorate your food truck as you like, and leave your own food story in every town!

★ Recruit heroes, explore dungeons, defeat demons and collect various ingredients

Recruit heroes in taverns in towns, lead them to defeat demons, and bring back rich ingredients!

Upgrade the level and equipment of heroes and turn them into stronger heroes such as warriors and archers!

Lots of copies, lots of levels, new ingredients will appear inadvertently!

★ A lot of ingredients, cooking a variety of dishes

Nearly a hundred kinds of ingredients and dishes are freely matched, and there are so many combinations to cook a variety of dishes that meet the needs of everyone in the world!

★ Invest in villages and expand business

Build villages, form your own industrial chain, and open your own business territory!

Buy land and build a building! Homes, farms, mines, shops, temples...super multi-functional buildings are waiting for you to discover!

★ Participate in a cooking contest

Fight against food trucks across the country, become the king of halberd, and be famous all over the world!

Gluttony Battle
Hossam Galal

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