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The Lost City of Europe

The Lost City of Europe

By: 苏州乐志软件

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Explore in the chaotic lost city, move forward and seek opportunities and discover treasures.

In the weird lost city, is there a deeper secret? Who is the source and culprit of the chaos?

Can the heroes break the shackles and the fog?

【Five chapters】

There are five chapters in the game, with different terrains, different customs and customs

Extremely cold snowfields, windy deserts, barren areas, fertile grasslands, Chaos Lost City

Lead your heroes to explore the lost city

Find ways to improve yourself

Get huge rewards

[Two modes: normal and nightmare]

Similar scenes, different difficulty and enemies

More generous rewards, more difficult challenges

There are even more ultimate secrets waiting for you to discover


Brand new game experience, combining roguelike and strategy games

Cartoon style, lively and flexible picture performance

Rich role play, rich skill combination

Different levels of difficulty are available, combining relaxation and self-challenge

The Lost City of Europe
Hossam Galal

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