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Gear puzzle

Gear puzzle

By: 魂动

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In the puzzle of memories and conspiracies, seek the truth about the family.

The shock waves of the explosion, the blazing flames of the face, the pain of the skin, the blurred words, that nightmare-like memories, even after so many years, still follow like a shadow. There is still nothing about the news about that coward. Don’t you dare to face us? Heh, he was so harsh on me before...

Game features

1. The hand-painted punk style will show you the charm of the steampunk world.

2. Rich and interesting puzzles, the double collision of wisdom and imagination.

3. Different styles of sound effects, wearing headphones, an immersive special experience.

4. The confusing plot, unexpected but reasonable.

5. Well-designed dialogue, follow the full dialogue, and capture the vivid and vivid character design.

Gear puzzle
Hossam Galal

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