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Rune Expeditionary Force

Rune Expeditionary Force

By: grayCat

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A strategic war chess game with troops lined up

Medieval magic style

Referred to games such as "Slate War", "Strategic Legion", "Full Moon Night", etc.

At the same time, the author is a placement game enthusiast, adding placement elements

There is no strongest hero, only the strongest match. A reasonably configured lineup is the key to victory

Freely match equipment, customize and cultivate heroes

A variety of random events to enrich the adventure experience

Simple but not simple, the game has rich strategic depth. Welcome to explore


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【story background】

A hundred years after the disappearance of the gods, a powerful runestone empire emerged in a corner of the mainland. His Majesty the Emperor of the Empire orders you to form an expeditionary army to search for the traces of the gods.

And you will lead the legion from the green slum to the kingdom of giants or ice and snow. Continue to win victories and finally set foot on the top of the temple.

Rune Expeditionary Force
Hossam Galal

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