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Game introduction

Legend has it that the ancient dragon built a temple, and anyone who can come here can realize their wishes.

Although very few people can find here, but the legend about the temple has been circulating.

Until one day, three strange figures appeared in front of the temple.

No one knows what they want to achieve, and no one knows how to achieve it.

Desire, seemingly good, does not mean hope.

Even if it is realized, the heavy price is not something extraordinary people can afford.

And people are always indulging in the passing away of the past, but don't cherish the present.

In the end, one can only watch the present turn into the past, and it will go back and forth in vain.

——When you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is to make yourself not forget.


Game features

"Fulong" is a Roguelike game with the theme of "Dragon Birth Nine Sons". In view of our consistent design habits, we give players a "three cautions" conscience advice.

Advice 1: There are more than two hundred kinds of weird props.

Advice 2: The temple maze is randomly generated every time, the backboard is invalid, and Lu is cautious in entering.

Advice three: Do not mow the grass and enter carefully if you need to be coquettish and move around!

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