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Moba Showdown

Moba Showdown

By: 夜神游戏

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Perhaps you have imagined that in a competitive duel, a hero can drop from the sky to save this defeated battle; or, with just one strike of a spell, the enemy army will lose before the battle. So there was "Magic Duel".

The rules of "Magic Duel" are simple. You only need to make the opposing hero's holy monument's health point to zero to win. This sounds simple, but the opponent is also eyeing. The consideration of hero collocation, the choice of marching route, and the choice of order of attack , And then to the cooperation of spells. This is the contrast between strategy and tactics.

A deck of 8 cards, you can’t have the same hero on the field. The deep restraint relationship makes the balance between the pros and cons of hero collocation especially obvious. It’s not a legend here, but it is also possible to get into a hard fight and entanglement At this time, perhaps a magic spell can make you brighter. This is a battle between experience and wisdom.

In the future, we will also join the multiplayer team competition, so that you will not fight alone. We hope that players can find the fun of moba here and appreciate the thrill of competition in the duel. There is an opportunity for players to leave a good mark on MOBA games.

Moba Showdown
Hossam Galal

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