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Dying: Trial of Rebirth

Dying: Trial of Rebirth

By: 椰岛游戏

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As the first game of PSVR, Trial of Death Rebirth has achieved sales of more than 100,000 copies on the console. It is the best-selling domestic game on the console overseas market so far. It won the WePlay "Best VR Game" award in 2017. .

The ultimate escape experience-"Dying: Trial of Rebirth" is a first-person perspective hardcore puzzle game. This game is based on "free exploration + original puzzle solving" as the core gameplay. Players will explore with a high degree of freedom in different styles of secret rooms, collect props and information, solve puzzles, advance the plot, and discover the truth of the event.

story background:

Harbor Town was once a lively tourist town. As time goes by, now only the dilapidated buildings are left alone. The protagonist "Matthew" revisited the place to find his missing sister, but he did not expect to fall into a puzzle set by the mysterious fish head man.

Matthew wakes up in a family hotel with a weird style. At the same time, a mysterious fish head appears on the TV, declaring that he will conduct a series of trials on Matthew, who "has committed a serious mistake." Failure to pass the trial will result in disastrous consequences. In the process of solving puzzles again and again, Matthew also gradually discovered the connection between himself and the fish head...

Game features:

+ Strange and quiet "gentle and horror" style;

+ High degree of freedom exploration from the first-person perspective;

+ Uncompromising hardcore puzzle solving difficulty;

+ Chapter-style story composition, fragmented narrative method;

+ Support VR device play, immersive and ultimate escape experience.

Dying: Trial of Rebirth
Hossam Galal

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