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Football DreamWorks

Football DreamWorks

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"Football DreamWorks" is a real-time strategy football manager mobile game. The core gameplay of the game is business simulation and football real-time confrontation. Players can control the club, build facilities, and expand the size of the club. At the same time, players use their excellent coaching knowledge and rich team leadership experience to form their own legendary team through player bidding and scout recommendations. The game adopts the form of full AI real-time calculation. Players can line up the enemy’s weaknesses. At the same time, the game presents players with a 2D sand table perspective + 3D player hero moments for players to present each exciting game; tactics can also be adjusted in real time during the game. , Control the entire game, use your strategy to defeat the opponent! League, Super League, Super/Championship League, lead your team to participate in three major events, win one trophy after another, become the best football manager, and build your own giants!

——Be in charge of the club and become the best football manager

Name the club and build your club from scratch. Build and upgrade facilities, manage the team, and continuously improve the club’s reputation and income through market promotion. At the same time, every detail of training players, transfers, bidding, lineup adjustments, tactical choices, jerseys, and team logos is under your control. You will use your leadership and experience to form your legendary team, win every game and become the best manager!

——Real-time combat AI calculation, real-time feedback of tactical adjustments

The game uses a 2D sand table battle form with full AI calculus, presenting you every wonderful ball game with God’s vision. At the same time, the football field is changing rapidly. Players can adjust their tactics in real time according to the game situation during the game. Every tactical adjustment will become the possibility of changing the situation. A desperate counterattack or a sad end, everything depends on your strategy!

——Realistic hero moments, immersive competition in the arena

Watching every game through the sand table, the arena is intense and intense, passing, shoveling, scoring, every wonderful moment may trigger a heroic moment, making you immersive as if you are in the football scene! Strategic command, wonderful moments, every moment will increase your sense of substitution, allowing you to enjoy a pure football feast!

——Multiple tactics, strategic command to crush opponents

According to your player attributes, form your legendary team and compete in every competitive game. At the same time, when encountering a strong opponent, strategically target the weak points of the enemy's formation, adjust the team formation, crush the opponent or make a desperate comeback! Give full play to your wild ideas, and the next miracle is at hand!

——Explore potential players, the way to the top giants to advance

The game imitates the real world of football. Players' physical fitness and ability attributes will affect the overall performance of the team. In the game, players are also designed with a variety of player tags and skills to create player personalization. And you can find your favorite player through bidding, scouting and other gameplay; at the same time, through targeted training methods to improve the attributes of potential players, let him become a world-renowned football superstar!

——Real-time competition to win the championship and win the slam again

The game is designed with three major tournaments: League, Cup, Super/Championship League, etc. At the end of the season, the competition will be divided according to the club competition to ensure that the competition between players of the same level is closer to the rules of real football matches. At the same time, you can start a real-time battle with your friends, constantly adjust your formation to the best condition, and win all the championships is your ultimate goal!

Football DreamWorks
Hossam Galal

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