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Immortal controversy

Immortal controversy

By: 千翻儿工作室

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The legendary game is leile, a 3S-level art presentation that spans the ages, a bug-free program module constructed by a convolutional neural network, a vast and seamless world, which dynamically caters to each player's mimic gameplay, none of the above.

But this does not affect you as the chosen person. In this corner of the lost world, you will defeat every opponent you meet and cast an immortal name with their unwillingness and regret.


[Game Features]-This is a hard-core strategy competitive mobile game with pre-judgment as the core gameplay.

* Contains various modes such as fighting, eating chicken (and the planned team PVE), and playing GG in laughter.

[Fast rhythm]-The game has a time limit of 10 minutes, and the player with the highest number of kills within the time limit is the winner.

*If you want to ask me how long it will take to win the next great battle, my answer is 10 minutes.

[Predictive Casting]-All hero skills are predictive skills.

* I pay more attention to your every move, and every time I predict, I am accurate to a few cents.

[Skills Evolution]-The lightweight Build system allows you to build your strongest skills.

*You can shit when I get this hook.

【Metaphysics Random】- Look at the face store system.

*In addition to unremitting efforts, success is the goddess of luck... Oh, it’s not the store owner who bought the goods I wanted.

[Strategic Operation]-Strength is only temporary, and winning is the most comprehensive.

*When I get up, you will be all over (0/16/0).

[Output by roar]-Contains various famous quotes from the knife circle and yygq's taunting system.

*Speak the most ruthless words and get the most violent beatings.

Immortal controversy
Hossam Galal

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