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Five Elements of Apocalypse

Five Elements of Apocalypse

By: 随便做做游戏组

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This game is a "retro, no longer retro" Chinese-style cultivation simulation game.

The turbulent situation and the turbulent situation

There are dozens of secular powers in this game, supporting different cultivation sects to compete for resources and practice soaring in the cultivation world.

Dozens of cultivation sects have their own strengths, and support each other with the dunya. If you want to grow a big sect, and collect talented disciples, the support of the dunya is essential.

The entanglement of interests between the world, the plundering of resources between the realm of comprehension, backing on the big tree to enjoy the shade, choosing to become a disciple of the sect or freely cultivating, will open up different paths to comprehension.

Intrigue and deceive

There are hundreds of NPC monks in the game, and all NPCs have unique character relationships. In the thousands of years in the world of cultivation, different trends will occur with time, position, and player intervention.

In the last second, the lovers will raise their glasses to celebrate, and in the next second, you will face each other completely. Here you will experience a smooth and heart-warming journey of comprehension.

The relationship between life and death, dual monastic buddies, ordinary passers-by, blood and blood, and old grudges, the changeable relationship between characters will depend on your thoughts.

Free exploration, an alternative battle royale in the realm of comprehension

Apocalypse is a free world composed of world maps of different dimensions, such as the world, the realm of cultivation, and the secret world. It has a lot of secret exploration and different plot trends.

The road to comprehension is long, and if you are not careful, you will become a stepping stone for others every minute.

If you want to become the top monk and complete the ultimate goal and ascend smoothly, the top priority is how to survive in this realm of comprehension, which has limited resources for comprehension and the weak and the strong.

Free choice of roles, comprehension

You can choose a specific background story role to play to get a preliminary feel of the vicissitudes of the world of cultivation, or you can use your own script to create a special role for yourself in the future.

Is it an unremarkable trip to a monk?

Or the lonely path of solitary genius?

Or is it the counterattack of Xiaoye’s waste wood in the mountain village?

If you want, you can have it.

Five Elements of Apocalypse
Hossam Galal

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