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Jianghu Simulator

Jianghu Simulator

By: 汉家松鼠工作室

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Jianghu Simulator is a multi-purpose rivers and lakes camping and role-playing game.

In the game you have several scripts to choose from: you can play as the head of different sects and run the sect to achieve various goals; you can also play as a disciple of a certain sect and rely on the sect to make his way in the jianghu; or simply play as a warrior who starts from scratch and just experience the world of jianghu.


- Screenplay

There will be several scripts to choose from with different styles and even gameplay.

For example, in some scripts you may play the role of a broken sect leader, you can try to pay off your debts to keep the sect on track and dominate the world; or you can abandon the sect's drag to venture into the jianghu alone and achieve a generation of famous warriors.

Some scripts you are a descendant of the Mozi family, in order to prevent the North and South dynasties into the quagmire of war, stand up for it.

As the game is updated, we will introduce more scripts and matching gameplay and systems in the future.

- Weekly Play

The game has a multi-weekend system, each time you complete the journey of the rivers and lakes, you will gain a legacy that will allow you to go farther in the next week's journey.

- Sandbox

The game will finally provide a complete sandbox experience. In such a sandbox mode, you can explore the whole world of Jianghu, raise disciples, interact with different forces, build up a sect network, trigger big events in stages of Jianghu, and experience a complete chronological system.

- Combat

Fast-paced real-time battles, hundreds of martial arts talents at will, different martial arts will also be paired with completely different aeons.

- Random Chivalry

There are a large number of random warriors in the game, including your disciples and various rivers and lakes heroes, each warrior will have a unique talent, background and character experience, from which you can see a variety of rivers and lakes grudges and feuds.

- Marketplace

In the game you will deal with a variety of marketplace jianghu characters, learn the art from potters, escort merchants to and from, or you can go to the tile house to watch the performance, and even seek to seize the local power's industry.

- Business

In the game, you will choose a variety of livelihoods as the source of income for your sect, so as to avoid the dilemma of your heroes being shy when they are in the jungle. The livelihoods include the dartboard, the music workshop, and so on. Different livelihoods correspond to different journeys in the jianghu: if you run a dartboard, you will often deal with all kinds of green heroes and local forces, while if you choose to run a music workshop, you can visit historical beauties and dance songs ......

- Randomness

There won't be any game with the same experience!

The randomness of the game is very high, each game you will encounter many different kinds of rivers and lakes events, all events will produce different results according to your actions.


Everyone has their own rivers and lakes in their hearts, and we plan to open up easy-to-use mod editing tools so that everyone can write their own stories. We will also continue to expand the game's features in the future to allow the game framework to support greater creative space (e.g. not limited to martial arts), so stay tuned.

Jianghu Simulator
Hossam Galal

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