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Evolutionary era

Evolutionary era

By: DD工作室

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An infinite stream of erotic works, a text adventure game with roguelike elements. Try to take everyone through various classic horror movies, discover the hidden truth in this world, and find their own "interesting" or "meaningful"; of course, you may eventually find that your brain is not big enough, and the ultimate secret behind the bronze gate is Dakeng.

[Different plots]

There are a large number of choices in each script world, and some choices will trigger irreversible branch plots and even change the ending of the script.

[Hidden task]

Hidden tasks can only be triggered when certain conditions are met. The clearance script is only the beginning, and there are plenty of hidden tasks to be discovered.

【Combat Mechanism】

The combat mechanism of "Underground Castle 2" is borrowed, but it is simple enough, but it is not the most ideal combat mode.

Evolutionary era
Hossam Galal

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