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First Fire: Coming

First Fire: Coming

By: Dreamera Games

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"First Fire: Coming" combines MMO adventure with card collection, weaponization of 18 protagonists’ professional features, instant release of supernatural powers in battle, and adding multiplayer copies and group books, come and experience the rich and interesting card MMO. !

8 highlights in a concentrated exposure!

[No occupation setting] Cancel the occupation setting in the traditional MMO, and switch the protagonist’s occupation by replacing the acquired weapon!

[Innovative battle development] Based on the round card battles, increase the collected supernatural powers, and instantly release the anger during the battle to reverse the battle!

[Make friends with allies] Join teammates or guild members in the battle instantly on the map, and compete in the wild at any time!

[Same Screen Lottery] The traditional card interface draw is integrated into the scene, and passersby and friends can be seen throughout the draw!

[Free Trading] Highlight social networking and trading, the best equipment obtained by free auction in the game, free players no longer worry!

【Battlefield of the Gods】"Arathi Battlefield"-style gameplay of the battlefield of the gods, where multiple players compete at the flag-capture site, and the winner is king!

[Competition] A variety of PK competition functions, both arena and tier matches!

[Epic Magic World] Original MMORPG story animation experience, 34 areas for you to explore!

First Fire: Coming
Hossam Galal

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