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Escape Room 22

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"Escape Room 22" is a high-quality casual room escape puzzle game with the theme of criminal investigation. In the first mission, the novice investigator and her experienced partner arrived at a luxurious island in the sea. At the place of the incident, the island was owned by a young millionaire, and he wanted the island to be as peaceful as possible. The case seems relatively simple from the surface: the security guard seems to have committed suicide, or could it be a fall?

Although the Bradford family, the residents of the island, was threatened by the death of a friendly employee, they acted very enthusiastically and blamelessly at first. As the investigation progressed, the facts of the case gradually became clear. In fact, they hide their hatred and hidden motives behind them. The deeper you investigate the isolated island and the eccentric family relationship, the more complicated and vague the truth of the case will feel. The seemingly routine cases began to clearly show the story of a conspiracy driven by greed, and the investigation revealed multiple killers.

Will anyone be innocent? Can you predict the next step in the assassination?

Game features:

1. Explore more than 39 mysterious locations!

2. Challenge yourself in 36 puzzles and HO games!

3. Unlock the secrets of mysterious family members!

4. A total of 16 achievements and 28 collectable items!

Escape Room 22
Hossam Galal

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