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Castle Legend 2: Dia Mercenary Group

Castle Legend 2: Dia Mercenary Group

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"Castle Legend 2: Dia Mercenary Group" is a Q cute style super free exploration and development RPG mobile game.

***Super high degree of freedom***

***Super fun to develop***

***Strategy for overburning the brain***

***Super rich gameplay***

The game has a complete and original world view. The player plays Bordeaux Dia. The kingdom of Bordeaux appears precarious under Helen's changes in the disputes that just ended the dark age. Dia is the son of the hero Helen, and the story revolves around the young Dia. Unfolding during the adventure of Asian travel to the mainland!

We boldly canceled the skill setting and adopted a large number of props. Make the game play more diverse. The super high degree of freedom in the game, the terrain can be destroyed and changed, and the impact of different terrain on the battle is very important! Maximize your ingenuity to win! Equipment needs to collect manufacturing methods to create various weapons and equipment.

The unique random event system in the game, maybe you cut too many trees and are attacked by treants. Fishing by the sea has alarmed the monsters of the deep sea! There is always an unexpected surprise in this world waiting for you to explore and discover!

*There are 220 different kinds of props in the game

*Free scenes, almost everything you see in the game can be destroyed and built

* Various sets can be collected in the game

*Powerful BOSS distributed all over the world

*Unique running business function, reselling items and materials through various places. Earn the difference!

*Collect various drawings and materials to build props

*Collect various members of the mercenary group

*Huge world waiting to be explored and discovered

The team of "Castle Legend 2" is the original team of winwill, and it is a small team focusing on independent game development in China. This is a group of narcissists with big brains and lots of spooky ideas! ↖(▔^▔)↗. This group of people has their own perseverance! Don't talk about feelings ~ just make good games for fun!

Castle Legend 2: Dia Mercenary Group
Hossam Galal

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