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Egg Cat Adventure

Egg Cat Adventure


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Once upon a time there were two leisurely cats, who suddenly wanted to go to the moon to play. Should we build a high tower or should we go to the distance to find the lost road to the sky? The cat's big adventure begins!

Main gameplay:

※ The goal of building a cat nest is the moon! What is the next room? The brains of cats will never be able to guess.

※ Convene cats with their own strengths! Doing their best is what an efficient cat leader can do.

※ Form an expedition team and advance to the unknown world! Clear the enemies on the road!

※ Discover the secrets along the way, and collect the plain (la) materials (ji) on the way!

The most important thing is to live leisurely! Let other cats do the work slowly, and just have time to see how they do. Mastering this is an excellent cat. Meow.

Egg Cat Adventure
Hossam Galal

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