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Cool 2

Cool 2

By: 两宇科技

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"Cool 2" is here!

Once, "Love Warcraft" has conquered countless players with an innovative touch-screen battle mode, leading the trend of 3D action mobile games.

After two years of concentrated research and development, the R&D team once again broke through itself and created a new non-switching squad gameplay, which truly achieved the real-time strategy on the mobile phone, and presented the ultimate operating experience for the players.

Game features:

1. Refreshing battle rhythm, easy to play high-end skills such as fire collection, monster pulling, group control, etc., and epic duel with super-large BOSS.

2. Unique skill design, dozens of heroes with distinctive characteristics, match up your own strongest combination.

3. Free equipment collocation, abandoning traditional equipment wearing restrictions, do you want to stabilize the output or kill the opponent? It's all up to you!

4. Innovative real-time PVP gameplay, directly confront millions of players and show your operation skills.

Come join the cool family and experience the coolest battle together!

Cool 2
Hossam Galal

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