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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul

By: 怪物游戏

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This work is a classic tower defense mobile game of Devil's Studio.

This time, tower defense is more than just defense

Tower defense that you can enjoy with simple operation. You can play the offensive side and compete with other players in real-time competitions, and defeat your opponents through the combination of arms.

Become a chilling magician on the battlefield

Magic, incantation, miracle! Become a magician in the battle and enjoy a tower defense experience like never before.

In every prop, there are secrets hidden

In the name of any prop, open a mysterious world of props and protect your props. You will face a tide of attacks and countless rewards.

The mysterious alchemy

Understand, decompose, and restructure. Everything in the world has attributes. Go to Dragon Academy to explore the secrets of alchemists. An alchemist does not need krypton gold.

Dragon Soul
Hossam Galal

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