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Civilization Online: Origin

Civilization Online: Origin

By: 星辰游戏工作室

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Lead civilization and conquer the world!

2K officially authorized strategy mobile game "Civilization Online: Origin" is a 4X (4X: exploration, expansion, management, conquest) mobile game with in-depth strategy and a sense of war substitution.

In the game, players have four major civilizations to choose from: China, Persia, Egypt, and Greece. Players will act as leaders to witness the complete process of small tribes gradually developing into a huge empire, and even rewrite or unify the entire Eurasian territory!

In this process, players will experience real empire management, diplomacy, trade, and wars, including intrigues with other civilizations and empires. Through wise business strategies and magnificent wars, they will build a greatness that goes down in history. civilization.

Game features:

★From the classic 4X strategy gameplay of the Civilization series

★Four major civilization epics confront the vast epics

★Comprehensive sand table deduction of terrain influence development trend

★Conquer Eurasia and expand the real empire territory

★New GVG battle multiplayer real-time online fighting

★The economy of the market-oriented trading system determines the world pattern

★Innovative barrage chat, more relaxed casual chat

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Civilization Online: Origin
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