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Town Soul Street 3D

Town Soul Street 3D

By: 镇魂工作室

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"Take Soul Street 3D" is a 3D hot-blooded action mobile game authorized by the super-popular masterpiece "Take Soul Street". The game uses the top engine rendering, the 3D free world reproduces the mysterious spiritual realm, and the ultimate art creates gorgeous combat special effects. The original characters are perfectly restored, and the classic guardian spirits such as Xu Chu, Dianwei, and Li Xuanyuan are all on the stage. The guardian spirit can not only fight side by side with the sender, but also launch a special fusion to achieve the strongest form! Immersive plot experience, relive the adventure of burning blood and soul, and become the king of troubled times. Super refreshing combo operation to experience a smooth blow feeling, multiplayer battles to compete for the strongest soul-suppressing general, and massive gameplay such as Wuxiang Tower and Five Elements dungeon, bringing an unprecedented explosion experience!

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Town Soul Street 3D
Hossam Galal

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