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Steam storm

Steam storm


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This is a steampunk style 5V5 Battle Game with real hit determination

1. The real hit determination, wherever you can hit, you will be able to hurt people, and there are no more forced locks, automatic locks and other factors that interfere with the operation, but in exchange it also requires players to be more proficient in operating their own characters.

2. Realistic physics engine. In the game, you can knock back, fly the enemy, and even knock the enemy off the cliff, or knock the enemy to the wall and bounce back.

3. Non-linear scenes, the scene has inherent arterial roads, but there are also characters who can use various abilities (such as jumping) to cross the terrain, or directly (smash the wall) to open a new offensive route.

4. There are battles at near and far. The characters in the game are no longer stuck in a single combat mode. Some characters are good at close combat, and some are able to use long-range fierce firepower to suppress the enemy.

Steam storm
Hossam Galal

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