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Devour earth

Devour earth

By: 吞噬工作室

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【game introduction】

"Swallowing World 5" is developed by China NetDragon. The Chinese game is heavily released. It inherits the "Swallowing World Online" turn-based legend of the Three Kingdoms and creates the most fun new MMO game in the series.

"Swallowing World 5" is a funny turn-based mobile game with KUSO plot. While inheriting the classic system, it also has innovative MMO big map gameplay. The characters are exquisite and three-dimensional, and the screen style is lively and cute. As the protagonist, the player will travel through time and space. In the Three Kingdoms era, you can experience the classic Three Kingdoms battle in the game and freely capture familiar celebrities. Under the guidance of the original plot, you can become friends with hundreds of celebrities and team up with full-server players in real time to create the most unique Three Kingdoms MMO battle experience. .

[Game Features]

◎The pinnacle of the Three Kingdoms mobile game, the new benchmark for turn-based mobile games!

Inherit the most fun system from the 1st to 4th generations of "Swallowing World Online", innovate the MMO big map gameplay, and set a new benchmark for turn-based mobile games!

◎The characteristic gameplay of "Swallowing Heaven and Earth" series can be played all at once!

Summoning of the four sacred beasts, the transformation of the famous generals of the three kingdoms, the battle of arms such as the archer and the bow, and the arrangement of internal affairs science and technology at one time. Multi-generation popular taunts, stuns, field control, general skills, and even summoning skills and other classic skills are all Keep it!

◎6V6 turn-based combat is more powerful than strategy

The most classic gameplay of the Swallow series-"Turn-based combat". This time Swallow can carry 5 generals into battle at the same time, and go to the battlefield together. In addition, the "Formation" has evolved to a 9-square lineup layout, and then matched. The unique skills of the generals can receive the effect of breaking the enemy and reversing the battle situation. Say goodbye to the brainless battle and enjoy the brand-new strategy round gameplay!

◎The most diversified generals collection method and skill matching can be cultivated at will

Perfectly inherits the "Capture of Generals" feature, and adds multiple functions such as searching for generals, recruiting in taverns, and biography of generals, allowing players to experience a variety of fun in acquiring generals; the "training" system for generals and protagonists is designed to be richer and more free to cultivate , Do you want to become famous in one battle? Come and train unique and exclusive generals!

◎The new interactive gameplay of the legion is super exciting in real-time team battles

There is a lot of fun in real-person interaction. The "Legis" launches activities and welfare systems, so that players can enjoy the donations of the corps, looting routes, the treasures of the corps, the corps check-in, the leader's salary, the corps shop, the celebrity blessing, the sending of the corps treasure box... etc., You can also get rewards by participating in different activities!

As the saying goes, once the expert makes a move, he will know if there is any.

What are you waiting for?

Devour earth
Hossam Galal

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